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Loretta H. Cockrum

Founder, Chairman and CEO
Foram Group
“As a board member, I have had numerous emails and letters of support from business leaders and educators expressing how much the community recognizes MFF’s role of influence—I look forward to enhancing that effort.”

Loretta Cockrum is a consummate businesswoman led by her sense of responsibility to her clients and future generations. In a time when Georgia real estate was dominated by men of great caliber—Portman, Cousins, Barry to name a few – Loretta quietly ventured into the business of finding agricultural land for high net worth individuals.

Ms. Cockrum transitioned from her duties as a broker to a fiduciary through her constant commitment to maintain and enhance the wealth of her clients and their future generations. Somewhat remarkable as a business foundation, Foram was formed in 1978, not for the benefit of its CEO but for the benefit of her clients. Foram’s mission is to manage and develop Real Estate investments portfolios for families who have a multiple generational wealth preservation strategy. It is with this philosophy and obligation that Ms. Cockrum has developed and maintained client relations for over 30 years. Ms. Cockrum shares this fundamental belief with her staff and drives home the need to put the client first—always and without fail.

With her sense of social responsibility, devotion to sustainable practices and a fundamental obligation to preserve and enhance the wealth of the client, Ms. Cockrum and her team made a business decision in 2005 to develop a flagship property in Miami. 600 Brickell at Brickell World Plaza would become the first new building in Miami designed with LEED in mind. A relatively new concept for buildings at that time in Florida, many said that the cost of construction was too great and the payback too long. However, statistics proved otherwise and other buildings soon followed—existing buildings were retrofitted, new buildings were redesigned. LEED Certified became a must have certification.

As the markets crashed in 2008, Ms. Cockrum made perhaps the toughest business decision of her career—it was decided that it would be in the best interest of the client to slow construction, wait for more favorable lending environments and for the rental rates to settle rather than fight it out with two other developments coming on line at the same time. This decision was only possible because to date the building had been built, all cash and largely through the proceeds generated by transactions managed by Foram. Although the decision was much debated and constantly questioned by the press and brokerage community, the construction schedule was slowed by one year (confirm). It was during the construction slow down, that Ms. Cockrum and her team made its boldest moves. The team went “back to the drawing board” to determine how to improve and differentiate the building. The end result was a building not just for today but one that will remain relevant well into the future.

600 Brickell, located in heart of the financial district in Miami, FL, is the first of its kind being the only high-rise office building in the state of Florida that is pre-certified LEED Platinum; moreover, it is one of only thirteen office buildings around the globe to have attained this certification. 600 Brickell is also the first office building directly connected to the NAP of the Americas. 600 Brickell will revolutionize communication access and green development and serve as a model to exceed all expectations in technological and sustainable design.

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