Executive Director & Board

Raul A. Garcia

Chair Principal – Financial Services
Kaufman Rossin

Amy Lawrence

President Vice President
Private Client Advisor II
US Trust

Jean-Pierre Trouillot

Treasurer Partner

Richard Montes de Oca

Secretary & General Counsel Founder and Managing Partner
MDO Partners

Ari Roloff


Christopher M. Harak

Executive Vice President
Blanca Commercial Real Estate

Cynthia Garces-Rodriguez

CEO and Managing Partner
VACO South Florida

Julie Neitzel

Vice Chairwoman Partner
W.E Family Offices

Nicholas Ferber

Chief Development Officer Director Talent Acquisition
Integrated Dermatology Group

Advisory Board

James Varnadoe

Advisory Board Chairman Managing Director
SGT Trade Finance

Hank Klein

Vice Chairman
Blanca Commercial Real Estate

Ian McCluskey

Founder & Principal
Thought Leadership International

Loretta H. Cockrum

Founder, Chairman and CEO
Foram Group

Dr. Susan Purcell

Independent consultant
on Latin America

In Memoriam

Raul G. Valdes-Fauli

MFF Chairman 1968 – 2016

Carlos J. Deupi

Chairman Emeritus, MFF Co-Founder, MFF Secretary and General Counsel 1963 – 2017
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