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Community Event: Climate Change Conference

Join other Miami Finance Forum members at the second annual Climate Change Conference “Thinking Beyond Risk: The Economic Effects of Sea Level Rise on Business Decision Making”.  The April 11 Conference will focus on the effects which climate change, particularly sea level rise, and government regulation, will have on decision making in the insurance, lending and real estate industries. The Conference is hosted by the national law firm of Hinshaw & Culbertson (with offices in Miami and Fort Lauderdale) and sponsored by Florida International University, TotalBank and Adler Group.

The Conference emphasizes the Conference will be practical planning for the future and the opportunities which sea level rise may offer to the business community. There will be numerous panel discussions plus a cocktail reception. We expect 150 people to attend. Among the critical topics the conference will explore for the banking/lending community include:

*Absent major remediation efforts, at what point does insurance of new construction in South Florida become impossible?

*At what point will lenders/banks be unable to finance new construction on or near the water?

*Does the cost of constructing buildings which can withstand sea level rise make them too expensive to bring to market and will lenders finance them?

Join noted academics Tiffany G. Troxler, PhD, and Joseph Goffman, J.D., Mayor of Miami Hon. Francis Suarez, and Mayor of South Miami Hon. Phillip Stoddard, business and legal experts in the fields of climate change and resiliency to explore changes in government regulation, real estate development, and lender obligations.

For more information about registering or if you have any questions, contact Jeanne Becker – [email protected]



Apr 11 2018


Four Seasons Hotel Miami
1435 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131
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