Elena Djakonova

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            <img src="https://miamifinanceforum.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/elena-djakonova-tribute.jpg" alt="Elena Djakonova" itemprop="image" height="992" width="1920"  />
<h1 style="text-align: center;">Elena Djakonova</h1>

Executive Director
Miami Finance Forum

2009 – 2017

The Miami Finance Forum is grateful
for your dedicated service as Executive Director
for eight years
and your commitment
to successfully growing the organization.

                                                Elena has been integral to the success of the Miami Finance Forum. Under her leadership as Executive Director from 2009 to 2017, the organization has evolved from a little-known networking group to a premier association in the South Florida business community. Her work has set the bar for the quality and relevance that is now expected of MFF. We greatly appreciate her passion, her warmth and her dedication to our mission during her tenure.
                                                                <h3>Jean-Pierre Trouillot</h3>
                                                                                                <h4>Partner, Deal Advisory, KPMG</h4>
                                                No one embodied the mission and objectives for Miami Finance Forum better than Elena. She grew the Forum through a transitional period both for the organization and the finance market in South Florida as a whole, and did it with a grace and class that few leaders exhibit. It was an honor to serve as a board member during her tenure.
                                                                <h3>Casey Swercheck</h3>
                                                                                                <h4>Vice President, Capitala Group</h4>
                                                Elena is a truly amazing individual and the MFF has been fortunate to have her involvement for so many years. Her consummate professionalism and excellent execution of the many, many MFF events will be missed, but not forgotten. Her energy, enthusiasm, and diligence have made my board involvement highly enjoyable, with the bonus of a cherished friendship. Elena will always be in the heart of the MFF organization and I wish her continued success with her next challenges.
                                                                <h3>Julie Neitzel</h3>
                                                                                                <h4>Partner, WE Family Offices</h4>
                                                When I came on board over two years ago it was Elena who took the time to make sure that I fully integrated into the board seamlessly. She would call me after my initial board meetings to see how I was fitting in and if there was anything she can do. She Truly made my first few months with the Forum an enjoyable one. There is no doubt I will miss her and her vision for putting events together.
                                                                <h3>Raul A. Garcia, CPA</h3>
                                                                                                <h4>Partner, Kaufman Rossin</h4>
                                                Elena, thanks for the time, effort and energy that you spent on making the MFF what it is. I wish you the best of luck in the future!
                                                                <h3>Erik Bethel</h3>
                                                                                                <h4>MFF Board Member</h4>
                                                Extremely well-organized, meticulous, dedicated and personable are but a few of the adjectives to describe Elena Djakonova. She has been the glue that binds the Miami Finance Forum, and she will be an invaluable asset to any organization that manifests the wisdom to hire her in the future.
                                                                <h3>Jerry Haar</h3>
                                                                                                <h4>Professor of Business, Florida International University</h4>
                                                "The first time I met Elena, I recall her smile and professionalism but also her very determined demeanor. It was only the first 20 minutes and I observed how she welcomed members, guests, panelists, moderators and sponsors with the same enthusiasm, professionalism and laser-focused determination to ensure the MFF morning event proceeded like a finely handcrafted timepiece.

It has been an amazing journey working with you Elena and words cannot express enough what you have done for the Forum and what you have represented for the organization since it’s founding in 2006. You have given the very best every day for the past eight years and is a big part of why we have been so successful as a non-profit industry association.

It is with a very big heartfelt gratitude and well wishes that I share these words not only as Chairman but most importantly as a friend.

Gracias por darnos lo mejor y nunca vamos a olvidar lo que has hecho para Miami Finance Forum y para nuestra comunidad.

Un Abrazó y Te Queremos

Gregory Santín

MFF Chairman

Elena has gone out of her way every day to make sure the Miami Finance Forum runs smoothly, working evenings and weekends. Her dedication, high energy, and marketing/organizational know-how will surely be missed!

Jeanne Becker

President, Becker Public Relations

Over the years, Miami Finance Forum has transformed from a small networking group of Miami professionals into a burgeoning content driven organization serving the South Florida business community today. Elena has been there every step of the way and highly instrumental in the success and evolution of Miami Finance Forum. Her positive attitude, professionalism, and ability to strengthen member relationships has contributed to the success of the forum and its members.

Christopher Harak

Board Member

Elena has been the consistent thread in my professional connection to the Miami Finance Forum throughout the years—from my initial task of re-building the website to the recent rebranding. It was Elena who created a clear conduit to understanding the nature of MFF, the needs of its members, and the vision of its board of directors. Elena was my taskmaster, my shepherd—and I am grateful to say—she has become my friend. You will be missed at MFF!

Dimitry Chamy

Founder, 2urn

Elena has been a good friend and valuable asset to the Miami Finance Forum, in fact, Elena ‘is’ the Miami Finance Forum: having been here since its early beginnings, its changes, growth, and development. Her hard work, passion, and dedication will always be a part of who MFF is and she will be missed.

Ari Roloff

Director, CBIZ

Elena had the unenviable task of monetizing our crazy ideas at the board level.  She did an amazing job and will be sorely missed!

James Varnadoe

MFF Advisory Board Chairman

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