The Miami Finance Forum is one of the best organizations of financial professionals in the southern part of Florida. Their events are extremely useful, interesting and drive critical mass from the organizations around the area ranging from venture capitalists, private equities, banking, lawyers and others. At their events you will find great opportunities to network and get to know key players in the financial industry

— Marvin Fuentes, Bloomberg

I am an active member of the Miami Finance Forum.  I have been a member for some time and have developed many key relationships as a result of their events.  I have found the organization to be very professionally run and there are many professional people associated with the forum.   The events and meetings have been well worth the time and extremely informative.

It has been a great experience to meet and collaborate with so many professional people in the South Florida area that can be helpful not only on a local level, but internationally.  I highly recommend professionals in the community be a part of the organization and attend events on a regular basis.  It is a great way to share ideas, foster new relationships, and help clients.

— Kevin Henry, Vice President – Business Development, Investment Banking

Per our conversation last night the following is the reason I joined and will continue to support your organization. Great JOB!

I have continued to attend all your events because tenure professionals are gathering in the right environment to develop their connections!!!  The events are the right size and lend to deepening relationships and doing business with each other.  I will continue my membership at MMF!

— Ana Rodriguez-Cepero, Branch Manager, Citibank

The CEO Power Breakfasts and monthly networking events are great venues to meet C-level executives and keep Kaufman, Rossin & Co. top of mind with business leaders throughout South Florida.

— Ralph MacNamara, Director, Kaufman Rossin and Co.